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It's 3 AM and I wake up in the middle of the night, GASPING for breath. This wave of anxiety came over me. I WAS SCARED.

Scared and overthinking about all the what if's in my present life.

What if I am making a mistake? What if I don't become successful enough? What if I am doing all this for nothing? What if it is just like before? Am I really going to get to Bali like I say I want? Will I have the money to do what I say I want to do? At what point does this stop for me?

I have this plan that I really want to see play out, AND then these voices had somehow popped back in my head saying to me "You don't have it yet." "Are we doing the same thing again?" Then fear crept in and said "why try?" "What's the point?" Then the pressure of doing what I know I need to do to make things perfect enough, so that I can have what I say I want, completely stopped me dead in my tracks; waking me up at 3AM, GASPING for AIR.

As I tried desperately to get back to sleep; placing my belly and hands against the mattress, I took several deep breaths hoping to feel better in the morning.

The next morning, I wake up, AND I am still anxious as fuck! Silently screaming HELLLPPPPP!!! I felt trapped in my own body. This had been going on for weeks now and I was not sure what fell off the tracks to make me feel this way. I was miserable. I wanted out.

And then I realized...

Several weeks had flown by, where I had been placing everyone and everything before myself. I had not taken time for me. I had not done what I knew how to do to feel pleasurable. So I got back into my self care routine and slowly but surely, I returned back to myself.

Then I realized,
What about the women who don't have the tools that I have to get themselves feeling better again? What if it's been a long time and they don't even know where to start?

That's where this free gift comes from. It was inspired from a place of compassion for the beings out there who are need some support in finding their bliss again.

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