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Overthinking & Worrying Too Much
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Stop letting fear of judgement, fear of failure, and 
fear of disappointing others, hijack your joy, ​peace, and happiness!



If you are a woman and ANY of these are hijacking your life....



Anxiety and depression

Guilt, fear, shame, and regret

Worrying and overthinking

Difficulty making decisions

Feeling unlovable or flawed

Uncertain of your life purpose

Feeling overwhelmed and lacking confidence

Addicted to approval and validation from others

Settling in unhealthy and unsupportive relationships

Co-Dependant behaviors- needing to be needed by others

Laughing when you are uncomfortable in a social situation

Avoiding people that trigger conflict and confrontation


This can turn into unwanted physical symptoms like... 

Headaches & Migraines

Digestive Issues and/or Chest pains​

Recurring Vaginal Irritation or infections

Consistent tightness all over the body 

Neck & Back Pains

This shit is defining how you live your life . These symptoms rule how you think and how you feel.
It interferes with your relationships, sex, spirituality, family, and career.
All of this stops you from being who you truly are.



Beat to the sound of your own drum.
Live authentically in your truth, your own wisdom, and your own power.
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